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District Alerts

Water Plant Maintenance

Malcomson Road Utility District(MRUD) is currently completing maintenance work at Water Plant #2; therefore, the plant is offline. Water Plant #2 is the primary source of water for the District but because of the repairs, MRUD has shifted over to use Water Plant #1. Water Plant #1 utilizes ground water from a well instead of the NHCRWA surface water so the water may seem different in taste and appearance. Chlorine residuals are continuously monitored by EDP at the water plant and throughout the District to ensure that the water provided to residents is safe for consumption despite taste, odor and discoloration differences.

The work being done at Water Plant #2 should be completed by the first week in June. Once that work is complete, MRUD will shift back to its normal operations. If you continue to have water quality issues, please contact EDP at (832) 467-1599 so we can work to resolve individual situations.

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Sanitary Sewer System Rehabilitation

King Solution Services, Contractor for Malcomson Utility District, will be conducting sewer rehabilitation in your neighborhood beginning in 1 week and lasting approximately 1 week. The overall project will begin in February 2023 and be completed in August 2023, pending any weather delays. We will also hand out a second notification 48 hours before work will begin. Please be aware that multiple crews will be requesting access for line and manhole rehabilitation to the utility easement located within the property. Our normal working hours are 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

During the process of this rehabilitation, it will be necessary for our crews to have access to the utility easements for the purpose of performing video survey of sewers, installing sewer liners, and excavating your sanitary sewer service for reconnection to the sewer main. Please have all pets restrained or removed from the property and yard ornaments, furniture, landscape improvements, etc. removed from the sewer easement while the rehabilitation process is being conducted on your property. At times it may be necessary for us to remove and replace sections of fence, bushes, and other landscaping to complete this work. All property will be restored to the original condition
after our work is complete. King Solution Services will take video or still pictures of your property prior to any construction.

It is the goal of King Solution Services to complete this project with as little inconvenience as possible. Your cooperation will be gratefully appreciated. If for any reason a problem should occur, a King Solution Services representative may be contacted at 281-732-2014 on a 24 hour 7 days a week basis.

Mario Jaimes
Operations Project Manager
King Solution Services, LLC
13221 Chrisman Rd
Houston, Texas 77039

Allan Negrete
Project Manager
King Solution Services, LLC
13221 Chrisman Rd
Houston, Texas 77039

Noe Carreon
King Solution Services, LLC
13221 Chrisman Rd
Houston, Texas 77039

One Week Notice (PDF)
Project Schedule (PDF)
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